It´s way more than picking up trash!

Out of all the things I´ve gained from surfing, stand up paddle boarding and sup yoga – awareness and consideration for the ocean are the most significant.


My connection to the ocean has led me to believe that protecting it should come naturally with the lifestyle. And I´m not the only one that thinks so.


At my recent yoga and sup retreat in Maldives we gathered with Ariston (the guest house where we stay during the retreat) and some of the local people on the island, for a beach cleanup followed by some amazing local food and tea.


Organizing community beach cleanups is a way for me and my colleagues at Surfbussen to include more people in taking care of their playground and enlightening others to make conscious choices in everyday life.

”Protect where you play” is a good mantra,  and you can be sure I´ll have you participate in beach cleanups at all retreats I´ll teach, if you want to frolic in the ocean…

For upcoming Maldives retreat, make sure to check my website now and then!




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