Happy Students

I just want to emphasize how good your teaching is and agree with what an inspiring teacher and role model you are

Judie Månsson

Perfect set-up, good mix of theory and practice, good with lots of yoga and to be a lot on the water, and the sup rescue was very useful

Helena Starkenberg

Good with flexibility during the training, excellent yoga classes and good advice on how to teach sup yoga!

Maria Svensson

You are so good at what you do and have so much knowledge. I wish doctors and other primary care professionals would listen to you and your knowledge

Vanita Svensson

You have opened my eyes to a whole new world that will affect everything I practice, both yang and yin yoga, such as SUP, meditation (yes, even meditation!) and everything else I do, forever

Judie Månsson

She taught me to love the practice. She showed me how to find stillness even when I was teetering on the borderline between comfort and pain. Holding to my edge without crossing the line. She taught me to connect deeply while sitting in that stillness that Yin Yoga brings

Denise Conway

A great thanks to Sofie for an excellent training conducted with commitment, passion, patience and impressive knowledge. If you are considering taking the education, don´t hesitate – just do it. I can really recommend it with all my heart!

Helena Starkenberg

I really appreciate Sofie Ringsten´s two feet firmly on earth way of sharing her vast knowledge. Always open for listening in on everyones point of view and never ever feeling the need to show herself superior. A true role model

Karin Brattberg

It was indeed a great experience to practice yoga on a SUP board. I´ve practiced yoga (Hatha then Kundalini) for 12 years now and I must admit that this was the first time I could really feel where the pressure in the body should be in order to do asanas right.