Teacher Training

A three day SUP yoga teacher training supplying you with the practical tools and mental confidence to convert your earth bound yoga teaching to a floating arena.


  • Basic paddle board instruction
  • Equipment overview
  • Paddle technique and paddle strokes
  • SUP specific rescue technique
  • Water safety
  • How to communicate effectively on water
  • Expanding your comfort zone – on and off the board
  • Your voice as a SUP yoga teacher
  • Preparation and how to introduce SUP yoga on land
  • The therapeutic aspects of SUP paddling and yoga
  • Yoga asanas that work best on a SUP board
  • How to design effective SUP yoga classes that will challenge all levels from beginner to advanced
  • How to incorporate meditation and breath work into a SUP yoga class
  • How to adapt your SUP yoga class depending on location and conditions
  • Traditional yoga vs SUP yoga – how to convert your earth bound teaching to water
  • The best sequencing system to use on a SUP board
  • The role of the SUP yoga teacher
  • Partnering with local businesses or build your own SUP yoga business