The SUP Yoga Pro Vision

The fundamental question that started and fuel my own yoga journey is – why. Why am I doing this? A question pervading all things I do, from my choice of yoga poses to making decisions in life, based on clarity and purpose.

I bring the inquiry of whyinto all my teachings, to encourage my students to ask themselves why they practice yoga, as well as why they do all the things they do in their lives. This will deepen their understanding of themselves, their behavior patterns, surroundings and desired feelings. You see, our yoga practice and goals in life are driven by how we want to feel. It´s not about the goals themselves, it’s about how those goals will make us feelthat’s important. By knowing our desired feelings and what drives us, we can design and create the life we want.

Slow down and simplify

We´re constantly affected by the world around us sending never-ending stimuli. Thoughts are streaming through our heads all the time. We need a way to slow down and simplify our lives. Both yoga and the ocean has got this covered and offer tools to melt into awareness and presence. We can learn so much – by studying ourselves and the laws of nature.

Seek information and gain inspiration

My vision with SUP Yoga Pro is to create a place and community for you to seek information and gain inspiration. About yoga and its fusion with water, and more specifically how it can enhance your life. It´s less about providing absolute answers, and more about asking new questions that lead to creative new ways of exploring the power of yoga and nature. About the power of slowing down, awareness, focus and our bodies and waters healing abilities. Our inner and outer nature.

Whether you´re an experienced SUP yoga teacher, first time paddler or just looking for inspiration on an ocean driven lifestyle, my wish is to inspire and offer tools for you to awaken and deepen the amazing benefits of yoga and nature.

SUP Yoga Pro is based on a driven inquiry into the basics of human anatomy, emotions and nature – in a fusion of science, experienced based insight and Chinese medicine. Built on the question why.

Let´s explore.