Dhangethi, Maldives

Combine your passion for yoga with nature, learn to teach SUP yoga, and join the SUP Yoga Pro team in this unique training focusing on expanding not only your yoga skills but your ocean knowledge. 

Held in Maldives, this five day SUP yoga teacher certification will teach you to how to convert your earth-bound yoga practice to a floating arena, in the amazing waters around the beautiful island Dhangethi.

The training is a collaboration with Surfbussen and will supply you with the practical tools and mental confidence to teach yoga on water, as well as becoming a stronger stand up paddleboarder and teach safe and creative yoga classes on water.

The training also offers a unique opportunity to learn and study ocean knowledge from local divers growing up in Maldives. All to make you an amazing ocean yogi!

You will receive

  • Basic paddle board instruction
  • Equipment overview
  • Paddle technique and paddle strokes
  • SUP specific rescue technique
  • How to communicate effectively on water
  • Expanding your comfort zone – on and off the board
  • Your voice as a SUP yoga teacher
  • Preparation and how to introduce SUP yoga on land
  • The therapeutic aspects of SUP paddling and yoga
  • Yoga asanas that work best on a SUP board
  • How to design effective SUP yoga classes that will challenge all levels from beginner to advanced
  • How to incorporate meditation and breath work into a SUP yoga class
  • How to adapt your SUP yoga class depending on location and conditions
  • Traditional yoga vs SUP yoga – how to convert your earth bound teaching to water
  • The best sequencing system to use on a SUP board
  • The role of the SUP yoga teacher
  • Partnering with local businesses or build your own SUP yoga business

In addition, this training will also offer

  • Water safety
  • Ocean knowledge through learning from local divers from Maldives
  • Getting comfortable being in the ocean, through snorkeling
  • Paddle session to a sandbank to build on your paddle skills
  • The art and anatomy of the SUP paddler


We will live at the guest house Ariston Dhangethi Inn, which is where our earth-bound yoga classes take place. Just outside of the guest house we´ll have our paddle boards ready for daily sessions on water.



Thanx for your patience 

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